Ftherm Machinery was headquartered in Shanghai,China, Which can date back to 1996. The company relies on the technical accumulation and platform of the

Margarine, shortening, puff pastry produces machine and Pin Rotator machine of the Machinery and Instrument Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences.)

Scraped surface heat exchanger is their core product, they focusing on the development and application of scraped surface heat exchanger in food processing, grease, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. The company has comprehensive capabilities in supporting design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical training, and after-sales service of the scraped surface heat exchanger (Votator). The company developed Ftherm® A Series margarine quencher, Ftherm® B unit table margarine molding machine, Ftherm® C and CH unit margarine Pin worker machine, Ftherm® X Series scraped surface heat exchanger on the basis of the first domestic margarine quenching kneading machine developed by Mr. Gu Jinhong in 1996. Series scraped surface heat exchanger, Ftherm® T series vertical double scraped surface heat exchanger.

The Ftherm® X series scraped surface heat exchanger absorbs the advantages of SPXflow Votator II, Alfa Laval Contherm SSHEs and Chemetator SSHEs. It can have tailored for customers and has a simple and practical structure. Easy to use, good reliability, safe and sanitary, easy to clean, flexible installation method, long service life, low maintenance cost and other advantages.

The Ftherm® T series vertical double scraped surface heat exchanger absorbs the advantages of the Terlet and Kelstream equipment, and provides a large heat exchange area in the form of a vertical unit, while saving valuable production floor area, convenient maintenance, easy It is easy to disassemble and clean. It adopts the working mode of low pressure and low speed, but it has considerable and circumferential linear speed and good heat exchange effect.