Ftherm® A Margarine/Shortening production machine

Unique advantages of Ftherm ® AC Margarine production machine1. Excellent durabilityCompletely sealed, fully insulated, and special design guarantee years of trouble-free operation2. Narrower annular

  • Model: Ftherm A2000

Ftherm® A Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers are a perfect replacement for the Gerstenberg Schröder or RONO or TMCI Padovan Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger , However, Ftherm ® SSHEs costs only a quarter of their price.

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Unique advantages of Ftherm® A Margarine production machine

1. Excellent durability
Completely sealed, fully insulated, and special design guarantee years of trouble-free operation

2. Narrower annular gap
The lower 7mm annular gap is specially made for grease crystallization to ensure more efficient cooling effect

3. Higher spindle speed
The spindle speed of up to 660r/min brings better quenching and shearing effect.

4. Improve heat transfer
Special corrugated cooling crystallization cylinder improves heat transfer efficiency

5. Easy to clean and maintain
In terms of cleaning, Ftherm A aims to make the CIP cycle fast and efficient. In terms of maintenance, two workers can quickly and safely disassemble the spindle without the need for lifting devices.

6. Higher transmission efficiency
The transmission of the synchronous belt makes Ftherm A obtain higher transmission efficiency.

7. Longer scraper
The 763mm long scraper makes the heat transfer cylinder last longer and wear more evenly.

8. Product seals
The product seal adopts silicon carbide wear-resistant ring balance design. The rubber O-ring uses food grade silicone.

9. Materials
Product contact parts are made of high-quality stainless steel. The crystallization cylinder is made of carbon steel, and the surface is coated with a hard layer.

10. Modular design
The modular design of the product makes maintenance costs lower.

11. Refrigeration medium

The working principle of Ftherm® A

      The core part of the margarine quencher is a horizontal scraper-type heat exchanger. The outer cover is used for direct expansion of Freon refrigerant. The heat exchange tube is installed eccentrically in the jacket. The top space of the jacket is used as a liquid/gas separator. Inside the exchange tube is a quencher shaft with a rotation speed of 660rpm, which drives the scraper blade to continuously scrape the inner surface of the heat exchange tube. The floating scraper on the scraper shaft continuously scrapes the inner wall of the tubular heat exchange cylinder under the action of centrifugal force to improve refrigeration effectiveness. After the grease is fed into the quencher through high pressure, it is quickly cooled and crystallized under the three conditions of high pressure, cooling and shearing through the heat exchange tube, and crystal nuclei are generated. The time for oil and fat to pass through the quenching machine is 10s-20s, and the temperature difference is 30℃-50℃.

     The latest series of chillers can produce margarine, butter, shortening, pastry oil, sandwich oil, butter and other edible oil products, which meet the strict requirements of modern oil and fat producers.